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John Lowell Band

John Lowell is a trailblazing singer/songwriter from Montana. He has become increasingly popular throughout the US, Canada and Europe with his graceful playing, expressive original songs and smooth baritone vocals.  Bluegrass and Americana music is the backbone of the JLB.

Julie Elkins is the “banjoista” for the JLB, having played since childhood. Originally from Montana, she currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to her impressive instrumental skills, she is also an excellent singer with a clear, powerful voice.

Tom Murphy adds depth and power to the JLB on mandolin.  With imaginative solos, driving rhythm, and precise vocal harmonies, Tom brings color to the music of the band, and decisively shapes the sound.

Completing the quartet is German native Thomas Kaerner on the standup bass.  A multiinstrumentalist with many years of experience as a professional and studio musician for numerous acoustic bands, Thomas provides the essential musical foundation for the JLB sound with his tasteful bass lines and solid rhythm.

In March of 2016, the John Lowell Band released their debut recording, “The Skalkaho Road”.  This project consists of 10 original songs, and 4 lesser known cover songs.  The playing is tight and the singing is tighter.

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